We are considering offering adult training for the Spring/Summer 2023 to the parents or guardians of athletes particpating in the program. This gives adults a chance to stay active and fit while their children are invovled in programming. If this all comes together we hope for these workouts to be social and fun, while catering to those with varying athletic ability from beginner to advanced. Stay tuned! 


  • While we endeavour to provide a safe environment in which to train, especially when skills are first being learned, athletes will be training in environments that change quickly and can pose great risk.
  • Athletes are expected to keep personal and group safety as their number one priority at all times.

PCC Partnership

Athletes are encouraged to work on their riding skills through the programs offered by the Peterborough Cycling Club. The PCC offers programs suitable for beginners through to competitive riders.

TTSC Partnership

Athletes are encouraged to work on their swimming skills through the Masters program offered by the Peterborough Swim Club.


  • Pre-requisite skills:
    • Continuously and safely swim 200m of front crawl in open water
    • Continuously and safely ride 10km on a busy road
    • Continuously and safely run 3km
  • Membership Registrations:
  • Equipment:
    • Road bicycle or mountain bike with helmet, lights, tire changing equipment, spare tube, and water bottle(s) with bottle cage(s)
    • Swim goggles
    • Running shoes
    • Suitable clothing for swim, bike and run training in all weather